The Foundation is currently focused on two major initiatives: the A-Town Get Down (series of festivals) and Pianos for People.


A-Town Get Down is a series of art and music events where accomplished artists can perform for aspiring ones, and aspiring ones can perform for accomplished ones. The result is mutual inspiration, greater self-esteem and greater confidence for creative youth. The festivals combine live music, live art, and workshops on topics related to creativity.

The original A-Town Get Down was in Savannah, Georgia in 2011. Previous artists include Loudon Wainwright III, Sloan Wainwright, Christine Sanitelli, The Savannah Children’s Choir, Devon Allman’s Honeytribe, Sam McTavey, Walter Parks and Swamp Cabbage, Eric Culberson Blues Band, Bottles n Cans, The Malah, Word of Mouth, Jon Waits and Co., Elmont and Jones, The Accomplices, City Hotel, Sincerely Iris, Brad Lauretti, the Savannah Arts Band ECLIPSE!, Coastal Middle School Band, Peat Wollaeger, and Jose Ray.

Workshops have included “Sleep and the Creative Mind,” by Dr. Angie Randazzo, “Singing with your Heart, Soul and Body,” by Sloan Wainwright, “Rhythm and Groove” by Jagoda, and the Open Jam workshop led by Walter Parks.


Pianos for People connects people who need pianos, with pianos who need people. The foundation purchases used pianos that are in good shape but stored away, ignored or out of use, then services and delivers them to lower-income households and disadvantaged families, as well as shelters and other gathering places in the community where music can make a difference.

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